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St. Malachi Center is always looking for new volunteers to donate their time, talent, or treasure. St. Malachi Center offers volunteering opportunities for everyone. Whether you have an extra hour a month or extra time every day, St. Malachi Center can benefit from your time.

If you're interested in experiencing what volunteering can do for you life, fill out our volunteer registration form, or call our Volunteer Coordinator about the opportunities that most match your interests at 216-771-3036. Volunteers working with clients under the age of 21 must complete the Virtus training program.

The programs and services St. Malachi Center offers are in large part possible due to the many loyal volunteers who regularly help out at the Center. St. Malachi offers flexible, rewarding volunteering opportunities for people with all experiences. We have an average of 26 volunteers every week. Volunteering at the Center is rewarding because our volunteers get to interact face to face with the people they help the most. Every volunteer opportunity offers a unique experience with different emotional and spiritual rewards.

William Bonner likes volunteering for the enjoyment of helping others. William is one of Malachi Mart's most loyal volunteers, working almost every morning the Mart is open. He says volunteering offers "a fulfillment that motivates me to keep from sitting at home doing nothing." William has 3 adult children, and lives in the neighborhood. He has volunteered at the Mart since last September.

Sherry Campbell has volunteered in our After-School Program for over a year. Sherry says the opportunity to learn from the kids motivates her to continue volunteering. Sherry says, "Kids have such a positive outlook on life, and are really optimistic about things." Campbell does various things at the Center, every day offering different experiences. Some times she helps serve Kool-Aid at snack time, or helps students with home work problems. Sherry enjoys most the unstructured time between activities when she can interact with the children. "It's really enjoyable to watch children grow up and learn over time."

Pat McDonnell cites the satisfaction of making people comfortable, and offering someone to talk to as a primary benefit of volunteering. Pat is a retired educator who helps give out towels, razors, and travel kits for the Center's Shower Program every Friday. Pat has volunteered at the Center for two years, and has also volunteered at the Monday Night Meal thirty years. He grew up in the neighborhood, having served as Principal of the now closed East Dennison School, and serving 45 years in Cleveland area schools. Pat knew there was a great need for volunteers at the shower program. He said, "I wanted something no one else wanted." Pat enjoys having the opportunity to talk with people who need someone to talk to, and feels a great since of pride when a regular participant in the shower program "really gets his act together."

St. Malachi Center offers volunteering opportunities for everyone. If you're interested in experiencing what volunteering can do for you life, call or visit the Center and talk to our Volunteer Coordinator about what opportunities most match your interests.

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